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Are You Chillin' With Mycelium or "Funguys"? 🍄

Are You Chillin' With Mycelium or "Funguys"? 🍄

I have a question - who’s the tribe you keep?

Is your tribe, your people like some rotting out mycelium that some "makeshift" mycology society is obsessed with studying (not even picking like a logical human being) or are the people in your life like the levational spores on a fruiting body of a sexy wild Reishi mushroom that a (REAL man/woman) is foraging in the great white north of Canada or the redwood forests of the Pacific North West? 

In human words, are the people in your life empowering you (fungi/spores) or disengaging (mycelium/China grown mushroom supplements) you?

You are the sum total of those who most surround, accompany and inhabit your thoughts, force-field and lifestyle ⚗️ - it’s pure alchemy (the chemistry of your personality).


3.5 Chaga Mushroom Recipes You Can't Ever Go Back From...

3.5 Chaga Mushroom Recipes You Can't Ever Go Back From...

When formulating the recipe of the chaga rootbeer elixir many moons ago, one thing that was my absolute obsession was to move away people away from the model of pill-popping and to have them enter the era of alchemy, where everyone takes creation into their own hands. 

This was one of the biggest advances in my own journey of evolving my health and life, when I stopped taking so many nutritional supplements, and got deeply into eating/drinking my nutrition.

Your body absorbs liquid and food forms of nutritional medicine far easier then poppin pills and supplements because it's a form of nutrition that's the base-level of what our bodies are built for.

By mixing and combining ingredients together to create your own elixirs, tonics, culinary meals, smoothies, you add an element that is uniquely your own into the end result. You add the essence of yourself, your preferences and your own magic.