Are You Chillin' With Mycelium or "Funguys"? 🍄

I have a question - who’s the tribe you keep?

Is your tribe, your people like some rotting out mycelium that some "makeshift" mycology society is obsessed with studying (not even picking like a logical human being) or are the people in your life like the levational spores on a fruiting body of a sexy wild Reishi mushroom that a (REAL man/woman) is foraging in the great white north of Canada or the redwood forests of the Pacific North West? 

In human words, are the people in your life empowering you (fungi/spores) or disengaging (mycelium/China grown mushroom supplements) you?

You are the sum total of those who most surround, accompany and inhabit your thoughts, force-field and lifestyle ⚗️ - it’s pure alchemy (the chemistry of your personality).

You've heard this concept of your income, quality of life and happiness are the average of your 5 closest associates (friends, family, out of arms reach mentors who've written the books you read or audios/podcasts you listen to) but do you really KNOW it?

In the great words of a great man, Leo Buscaglia says;

"To know and not to do, is not to know."

You've gotta know this stuff, and be experiencing it in your life; the physical manifestation of it, to truly know it.

Wild Mushroom Hunting in Mendocino California

Every year of my life I'm eliminating negative (even slightly) people from my life like a terminator, and replacing them with positive, enthusiastic people who are COMMITTED and OBSESSED with success and pursuing their dreams. 

It sounds harsh and it is.

The truth is, once you start to change your frequency, conquer your fears and move forward, those people who aren't in alignment with you (the mycellium) will fall off anyways. 

Why wait and slow down the boat for everyone?

You don't have to cut them out like a disease but you could begin limiting the time you spend with them and communication. You deeply know when someone is not building you up in your life and encouraging you. 

In fact, right now you're thinking of that person you need to cut out.

You're also likely thinking of the people who are GREAT influences on you too. 

Subtraction by addition. 

Add in enough of what you do want, the results, vibrancy and energy of the people you respect, and in parallel you'll have less time to spend with people who dampen your vibe.  

Addition by subtraction.

One of the quickest and most time tested powerful ways to change your life is spend time with people more successful than you or at least on your level of hustle, purpose and moving forward.

Maybe it's time to cut out someone who's not interested in making this life all it can be to CREATE SPACE for someone who is.

Shane Tyler Milson and Lasse Chillin

If your morning barista is a ****, ☕️ then fire them from your life, and keep the convos quick and tight like Mike passing up starch-based mushroom roots (95% of mushroom products you burn your money on) 🤮.

If you’ve got a straight up gangster in your life, maybe a mentor or close friend who is winning in every conceivable way, then sign up to their newsletter 🎰, buy their crypto course 💸 and suck the fresh pressed non-HPP juice 🍍 from their energetic veins and soak up every experience with them - be TEACHABLE 🤓.

Hit up ONE (not two, never three) straight up G's you know who's having a positive impact on your life, and making you want to win (even if it's in a competitive way) with either a text, DM or call and say:

"Thank you so much, I appreciate you, I'm grateful for you.

You're raising me up like spores hitting G force and crossing the stratosphere en route for the stars".

Show them that you notice their fruiting body (their bad-ass way of winning, thriving, sporulating their world and yours).


Graciously yours & stay shroomie,

Shane Tyler Milson, The Mushroom Hunter


  • Andrew

    You are one of the G’s impacting my life on the daily with your positive vibes and excellent mushroom advice. Thanks brother!

  • Bjørn

    Hey! That’s Lasse!! :-D Nyta <3

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