What Happens When You Take Chaga for 30 Days? | Netflix & Chill Mushroom Movie with Sky Cowans

Welcome to our "Netflix & Chill" mushroom movie starring Sky Cowans & Shane Tyler Milson 🍄+🎥

It’s time to open your eyes (all 3 of them 👁).

We challenge Sky to takes our 30-Day Chaga Challenge to see just what happens for her (spoiler alert ....no, actually I won't wreak it for you).

She dives into the trendiest "new" superfood: medicinal mushrooms. She breaks down the research we have on medicinal mushrooms so far, and what we still need to learn. We talk about chaga, reishi, lion's mane, cordyceps, and turkey tail.

We even take her into the redwood forests of Big Sur California to go mushroom hunting with a real LIVE fungi hunter to forage for these healing mushrooms.

Watch her transform over the 30 days with the wild chaga rootbeer elixir. SHE COULDN'T BELIEVE THE RESULTS!

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She's such a WILD GEM.