The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture

The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture

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A re-imagination of the nostalgic “Shirley Temple” flavor, the Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture is infused with Chinese medicine superherbs in a cherry bourbon vanilla base to activate your energy centers, ease anxiety, purify blood, supercharge the immune strength, and sexify your skin.

The Vitalizer: 3 Month Extraction began on the Summer Solstice June 2021 - Autumn Equinox September 2021 

The superherbs have been alchemically extracted in miron violet glass in accordance with the lunar calendar, enhanced with the transformative I-Ching and tuned to the Schumann Resonance at 256 cycles per second.

Unlike 99% of tinctures on the market today that taste like bug spray, are extracted for only 6 weeks and use inferior low grade alcohol, we choose to go the polar opposite direction with our tincture.

Using top shelf artisan made Japanese Whiskey and Organic Cherry Spirits, dual extracting our formula for upwards 3 - 21 months and handcrafting the flavor palette precisely, our Wild Reishi Tincture is the first of its lineage, the evolution of herbalism.

May you cling like fire to your passions, spirit and the lifeblood of your fantasies.

Dosage: Two full droppers daily: hold under tongue for 30 seconds, then devour. Add to your favourite drinks (sparkling water, herbal tonics, matcha lattes) 

Ingredients*: Wild-harvested Red Reishi Mushroom (Adirondack mountains), Biodynamic Pomegranates, Wild Cherry Tree Bark, Changbai Mountain Schizandra, Sun-dried Goji Berries, Shaolin Temple Red Jujubes, Freshly Squeezed Organic Oranges (Ojai, California), Biodynamic Cane Sugar, Bourbon Vanilla, Star Anise, Ceylon Cinnamon, Rose Otto (Valley of Roses, Bulgaria), Tunisian Neroli, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry extract, Cherry extract, Monk Fruit.

Aged in Artisan Japanese Whiskey, Netherlands Organic Cherry Spirits and Artesian Spring Water. 

*100% wild harvested or organically grown.

Blood Energizing (I-Ching 30): Clinging Like Fire (Liberation, Perseverance, Illumination)


Skin Sexifying (I-Ching 31): Influence/Wooing (Magnetism, Attraction, Consistency)


Immune Nourishment (I-Ching 50): The Cauldron (Rejuvenation, Good Fortune, Vitality) 

Our intention with the Shroomy Temple is to create the very best tincture possible enhanced with magical energetic processes to elevate through capturing the essence of vitality, rejuvenation, and good fortune.  

The 30 Day Chaga Challenge

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

“I'm going to be turning 40 in September, and I'm always aware of my energy, as you have to be aware of your energy as you get older. 

One of the things I like to take is wild chaga tea daily to become superhuman & gain ridiculously epic energy levels. 

This is something that I can feel the second that I take it.

The reason I drink this is because it makes you very present to the moment. It’s something that aligns with what we do and what we teach. 

 Black Magic is the absolute cream of the crop."

Owen Cook, World famous self development coach with 250,000+ YouTube subscribers


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These wild chaga mushrooms are beyond organic, beyond bio-dynamic, they're wild crafted from mother nature.

And that's what you're looking for, that microbial fight from the forest floor that the tree is pulling up for the chaga to get all these amazing nutrients.

The welfare that Black Magic takes into account when harvesting chaga, the care and the love that they put behind it, I know that they’re taking care of the forest.

They’re bringing awareness to the community about mushrooms.

Jason Widener, Vice President of Erewhon™ (Iconic health market mecca in Los Angeles, California with 5 locations)

Nature's Secret
Superfood Magic

Sustainably harvested in Canadian birch forests with love & respect.


The remote birch forests of Canada are where we wild harvest our chaga mushrooms with love. Among these wealthy deposits of amethyst, biodiversity & pristine springs are the wildest chaga.

Our Canadian mothership is Aurora, close to the woods for a mushroom foraging escape.

Make Rootbeer Cosmic Again

Nature Is Our Temple

Indulgence in Black Magic supports responsible mushroom foraging & education. Proceeds from every sale are donated to reforestation organizations & wildlife preserves. Thank you for helping us take care of the forest.