The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture
The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture

The Shroomy Temple | Wild Reishi Mushroom Tincture

Blood purification, QI nourishment and healthy lungs.
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A Chinese Medicine-inspired formula of superfoods, botanicals and herbs, including goji berries, schizandra and wild-harvested red reishi mushroom.

This potent mushroom tincture is handcrafted in small batches, attuned to lunar cycles and extracted for a minimum of 90 days to release the high-frequency nutrients, minerals and enzymes of the herbal formula.

Take a dropper full daily to aid in blood purification, cardiovascular health, healthy lung functions, nourishment for the immune system, and skin radiance.

The invigorating flavor profile of wild cherry, fresh squeezed oranges and Bulgarian roses, packs an electrifying taste of a nostalgic "Shirley Temple" - endowed with the secrets of the Shaolin Temple.

Age of Extraction
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The Shroomy Temple was designed with the utmost passion and focus, blending sophisticated alchemy with the I-Ching to maximize one's wellbeing, radiance, and good fortune.

This artisan-made formula of revered Chinese Medicine herbs like Wild Reishi, Goji, Schizandra and Red Jujube is enhanced with a specialized aging process for maximum potency.

Utilizing alchemic methods that involve extracting the herbs in miron violet glass under the influence of lunar cycles and 432 hz frequencies with Artesian Spring Water, Japanese Whiskey and Cherry Spirits from the Netherlands, we've created something never seen before in the mushroom tincture realm.

Take two full droppers daily. Squeeze the bulb to fill as much as you can in the dropper and release the liquid vitaltiy in your mouth, holding it under your tongue for up to 30 seconds (activates sublingual absorption), then devour.

When to Take: Take one dropper in the morning on an empty stomach to energize your body and CHI energy pathways, and again after your last meal of the day to rest and digest.

Recipes: Add 2 - 3 droppers of the Shroomy Temple to matcha lattes, chai lattes or make a shroom sangria by adding over ice, organic berries and sparkling water.

Each tincture contains a 30 Day Supply of magic.


100% wild harvested or organically grown

Wild-harvested Red Reishi Mushroom (Adirondack mountains), Biodynamic Pomegranates, Wild Cherry Tree Bark, Changbai Mountain Schizandra, Sun-dried Goji Berries, Shaolin Temple Red Jujubes, Freshly Squeezed Organic Oranges (Ojai, California), Biodynamic Cane Sugar, Bourbon Vanilla, Star Anise, Ceylon Cinnamon, Rose Otto (Valley of Roses, Bulgaria), Tunisian Neroli, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry extract, Cherry extract, Monk Fruit.

Aged for 90 days+ in Artisan Japanese Whiskey, Netherlands Organic Cherry Spirits and Artesian Spring Water.

Daily use of the Shroomy Temple can provide some magical benefits:

1.) Recovery of vital Jing and Qi reserves. Relieves anxiety, stress and erases the "monkey mind".

2.) Purifies the blood, lungs and cardiovascular system - boosts the immune system by pumping up antiviral defenses.

3.) Creates radiant, glowing and beautiful skin by nourishing the liver and supplying antioxidants nutrients and triterpenes.

Reishi Mushroom (Wild harvested in the Adirondak Mountains): Renowned for its extensive medicinal power, mainly its triterpene content, proven to reduce hypertension, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels, as well as impede coagulation. Reishi is plentiful in polysaccharides, amino acids, and beta glucans, all of which build the immune system's reserve banks.

Schizandra Berries (organically grown): The ancient medicinal berry of 5 flavors is regarded as a premier herb in Chinese medicine for it tonifies all three Treasures, enters all twelve meridians and nurtures all five elements. It influences the nitric oxide and cortisol concentrations in your saliva and blood providing endurance-boosting, mental sharpness and improved digestion. 

Goji Berries (Sun Dried from Heaven Mountain): Grown in the ideal terrain of virgin desert and plumped up with glacial melt from the mountain top these special goji berriesare a restorative psychological boosting Jing and blood tonic, which are especially beneficial for women whose blood levels may be diminished due to the menstrual cycle.

Red Jujube (Shaolin Temple or Ojai, California): A potent Qi tonic renowned for its energizing capabilities, blood replenishing and mind soothing properties. This mild Shen tonic relaxes the mind while providing energy, and is the favored daily dietary supplement of Chinese Shaolin monks. 

Wild Cherry Tree Bark: Used by Native Americans as medicine, while in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it is utilized for rapid heart beat, fever, and agitation. It is a drying herb for the heart and emotions belonging to the rose family. Medically, the bark is used for "excited" and inflamed tissue states which manifest as redness and tenderness, and is commonly recommended for cough and respiratory support.

Ceylon Cinnamon: Of more than 300 species in the cinnamon family, one ring rules them all... Ceylon cinnamon uniquely stimulates insulin-like activity helping to control blood sugar levels and glucose to metabolize in the liver. Also rich in antioxidants and the mineral manganese which helps your body manage the enzymes that produce hormones.

Custom-made seasonally in limited batches, The Shroomy Temple is created by utilizing various alchemical processes such as bottling in miron violet glass, integrating I-Ching wisdom into each container, and timing extractions according to celestial cycles, like new moons, planetary alignments, solstices, and eclipses, all harmonized at 432 Hz for a minimum of 90 days.

This herbal formula is crafted with premium Japanese Whiskey, Netherland Cherry Spirits, Biodynamically grown Pomegranates and Artesian Spring Water for a new era of herbalism, blending modern science and ancient alchemy.

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The I-Ching

The I Ching has served for thousands of years as a philosophical taxonomy of the universe, a guide to an ethical life, a manual for living, and an oracle of one’s personal future. It is an ecosystem of organizing principles embolized in the teachings of Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, and even Christian concepts. In China and in East Asia, it has been by far the most consulted of all books, in the belief that it can explain everything… and we’ve infused that wisdom and encoded that data into each tincture (check the front of your bottle carefully).

I-Ching 30: Clinging Like Fire

Liberation, Perseverance, Illumination

Ganoderma lucidum or tsugae, widely known as Reishi mushroom, has been the subject of over 5,000 peer-reviewed research papers devoted to exploring its therapeutic and healing benefits.

Its composition of triterpenes is documented to lower blood pressure, modulate cholesterol, adjust blood sugar levels, and stop clotting.

Incorporating The Shroomy Temple into your habits and rituals is equivalent to changing the oil of a sports car - a "Qi" energy reset for the body.

Reishi is plentiful in polysaccharides, amino acids, and beta glucans, all of which buildimmune system's reserve banks.

I-Ching 31: Mutual Attraction

Influence, Wooing, Magnetism

Reishi revives one from fatigue and weakness, relaxes the body and mind to ward off anxiety, depression and improves the depth and quality of rest, heals sleep disorders and insomnia.

In addition, it's known to provide support to the endocrine system, which secretes hormones and regulates metabolic processes, as well as triterpenes which purify the liver during sleep, resulting in improved overall nourishment including better sleep cycles, metabolism, skin health, mood and sexual energy.

I-Ching 50: The Cauldron 

Rejuvenation, Good Fortune, Vitality

Reishi contains a cauldron of untold medicinal value. If you've ever drank wild reishi tea (not the fake powders), you'll recall that intense bitter taste, which is an indication of food contains triterpenes.

These are used as a protective method in the wild to defend plants and fungi against predators.

This turns out to be a doctrine of signatures, for the same triterpenes used for survival and protection in Nature, are the factors which can defend your body from the predators such as cell mutations in the form of cancer, tumors, virus's, fungal infections (such as candida), and microbial invaders.