Mushroom Hunting Runs in The Family

Our started with humble roots back in boreal forests of Canada, where maple syrup, poutines and birch trees may as well be our national mascots. My grandpa Andy passed the torch of mushroom hunting knowledge down to us, which he learned from his grandparents in a small town in Italy, known for its extraordinary black Truffles.

Planting the Spores of Awakening

To this day, my Grandpa Andy and I still go out seasonally to collect maple water, tonic herbs like thuja, and of course; mushroom foraging. Since I was young, he’s been exposing me to the forest, and all of its hidden mysteries. He got me to wonder constantly, what’s around the next corner, behind that next tree, around the river bend. When I was a teenager I’d go work on his forest farm in Uxbridge, Ontario in Canada, where he’d put me through the ropes of life. It’s him I learned about wild herbs, old world farming (biodynamic) and to question everything. He planted the spores for Black Magic many moons before it began.

Why Did We Name it "Black Magic"?

Truth is, the name came to me in a dream. It was the kind of dream where you can feel your higher self communicating with you, showing you something you’re destined to do. In my case it was to share the wisdom of nature, the truth about wellness and the magic of mushrooms, with the world. In hindsight though, the name makes perfect sense...

Throughout history those who have practiced herbalism, energetic healing or performed mystical feats considered unexplainable, were often considered by society to be using “black magic”, when in reality these alchemists, healers or herbalists were tapping into the Laws of Nature, ancient wisdom, and even quantum physics before it was “discovered”.

Society is quick to deem that which isn’t immediately understood to be scary, dark or bad, but perhaps what we’re scared of is just around the corner of our understanding, ahead of its time or a more advanced “technology”. Imagine what people thought in the ‘dark ages' if an herbalist cured someone of an infectious disease using nothing more than maceration of herbs, prayer and the power of belief. 

They would’ve called that person a witch or sorcerer because it’s often just easier to label that which you don’t know as dangerous, but ...

When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

Humanity as a collective is now ready, and the teacher is fungi. There's so much ancient knowledge and new discoveries to explore in the realm of mushrooms that's its hard to fathom, but it's come right on time as the world is awakening at a rapid pace. The wild medicine and edible enlightenment that exists right here in our own backyard can change everything. The whole world has sitting on ticking bomb of consciousness. The question has been, when will a mass awakening occur?

It's about to explode.

The Founding Fungi Father

These nostalgic experiences being in the wilderness with my Grandpa as a teenager, taught me the immense power of Nature and Hippocrates' powerful message of making food thy medicine.

It's my honor to share these ancient formulas rediscovered in Black Magic Alchemy's products with you, to elevate your vitality, consciousness and bring infinite magic into your life. Welcome to the world's most powerful foods: mushrooms.