We Hunt Wild Chaga Mushrooms to Create a Magical Rootbeer

We Hunt Magic in Pristine Ancient Canadian Forests

We Hunt Magic in Pristine Ancient Canadian Forests

This isn't the untraceable so-called "sustainable" Chaga Mushrooms found sold on Amazon by neanderthals... We sustainably hunt our own wild rare mature Chaga mushrooms in pristine Canadian forests, blessing every birch tree before harvest & taking only a small portion of the mushroom to protect the life force energy of the tree, mushroom and forest.

How to Sustainably Harvest Chaga Mushroom
We Make Magical Rootbeer Elixirs Activated by the Moon & Mantras

We Make Magical Rootbeer Elixirs Activated by the Moon & Mantras

Upon the arrival of a new moon we begin our dual-extraction of the wild Chaga Mushrooms utilizing elements like sacred geometry & etymologically charged mantras to unlock the magical substances contained within. We transformed an ancient immune-boosting tonic recipe into a modern day classic: a HEALTHY ROOT BEER. Each bottle contains multiple doses of the medicinal syrup that can be used to create a plethora of drinks or added to your favorites; coffee, tonics, tea, smoothies and desserts.

Chaga Rootbeer Syrup

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    Prosperous quantities of beta-glucans, polysaccharides & triterpenes within Chaga activate immune strength. The fully matured birch trees that we harvest our Chaga mushrooms from allows for an abundant dosage of Betulin + Betulinic Acid, Magnesium, Antioxidants & Zinc which are some of the most vital elements for nourishing the liver, purifying the blood & experiencing supercharged health .


    Chaga contains the highest known dose of the antioxident "melanin" (the pigment that gives our eyes, skin and hair it’s colour), superoxide dismutase & selenium which makes taking wild Chaga mushrooms so fruitful for nourishing that magical skin glow & sparkle in your eyes that we all seek. If you receive a plethora of compliments from consuming this elixir, then you're welcome.


    Chaga is extraordinarily rich in Alkaline forming minerals Potassium, Cesium & Rubidium which keeps you feeling vibrant, energized & creates an internal environment where optimal digestion, circulation & nourishment can thrive. De-calification of your pineal gland & the activation of your third eye which is SELF awareness, intuition & presence resonate from, is a known spiritual affect from consuming Chaga.