We've Upgraded Rootbeer with Something Magical...

We Hunt Magic.

We Hunt Magic.

Deep in pristine Canadian forests, exists a treasured, radiant black, yellow & golden medicinal mushroom that lives symbiotically amongst the most rare vibrant living birch trees; Chaga Mushroom. Its years of loyalty to the birch tree, allows Chaga to access & concentrate immune-boosting antioxidants, trace minerals, enzymes & super-nutrients from the soil & tree, making these healing elements readily available so we can brew it into something magical...

Rootbeer Upgraded.

Rootbeer Upgraded.

We've re-invented the wheel. Rootbeer will now be immune-boosting, skin sexifying, alkaline-forming and pineal gland poppin'. By brewing wild chaga mushrooms with ancestral ingredients like sarsaparilla root, juniper berries and wintergreen leaf, we've cracked the code; rootbeer is now a superfood (burn your kale). All you need is a 1 tablespoon dose everyday either directly straight from the bottle or added to coffee, chai, smoothies, desserts, alcoholic tonics or bubbly h20 to make a complete ancestral root beer.

Wild Chaga Mushroom Rootbeer Elixir

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    Prosperous quantities of beta-glucans, polysaccharides & triterpenes within Chaga activate immune strength. The fully matured birch trees that we harvest our Chaga mushrooms from allows for an abundant dosage of Betulin + Betulinic Acid, Magnesium, Antioxidants & Zinc which are some of the most vital elements for nourishing the liver, purifying the blood & experiencing supercharged health .


    Chaga contains the highest known dose of the antioxident "melanin" (the pigment that gives our eyes, skin and hair it’s colour), superoxide dismutase & selenium which makes taking wild Chaga mushrooms so fruitful for nourishing that magical skin glow & sparkle in your eyes that we all seek. If you receive a plethora of compliments from consuming this elixir, then you're welcome.


    Chaga is extraordinarily rich in Alkaline forming minerals Potassium, Cesium & Rubidium which keeps you feeling vibrant, energized & creates an internal environment where optimal digestion, circulation & nourishment can thrive. De-calification of your pineal gland & the activation of your third eye which is SELF awareness, intuition & presence resonate from, is a known spiritual affect from consuming Chaga.