Life's Better on Mushrooms™

Tap into the mystery of nature that makes life magical: wild mushrooms

Wild Chaga Rootbeer Elixir

28-Day Chaga Challenge

In 1 month or less, you'll notice brighter eye color, Jedi mind focus & awakened intuitive abilities.

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Pineal Gland Activation

Chaga mushroom is the ultimate third eye opening superfood with its rich array of the antioxident nutrient "melanin". Once activated, your pineal gland helps you "see" the truth, enhances awareness & even rejuvenates the quality of your sleep cycles.

Open My Third Eye

How To Activate Your Pineal Gland, Sexify Your Skin & Cosmify Your Creativity All-in-One Shot

Within one elixir, is everything you've dreamed of; "it's real magic". Take our 28 day chaga challenge & transform right before your eyes (all 3 of them).
Pineal Gland Activator

This is nature's limitless "pill" and it works its magic quickly, sometimes from the first sip. Endow yourself with focus-power, the ability to concentrate & deep level self awareness. Extraordinary alertness, focus & mental abilities bio-hack your mind releasing your inner genius.

Skin Sexifying

Drinking wild chaga mushroom daily is like taking a bath in Eden, for your skin. Drench yourself in melanin, superoxide dismutase, zinc & selenium, all found in abundance within the mushroom. Indulge on the fruitful nourishment to reveal glowing skin, sparkling eye color & radiant hair like you've never quite seen before.

Cosmic Creativity

Welcome to the creative oasis, where your inner Picasso can come out & play. Chaga is supernatural, thought to come from outer space - it taps you into cosmic field of infinite intelligence. Creative downloads come rushing into your mind, ideas you previously didn't have access to. Tap into the innate wisdom of nature with every dose.

What Happens If You Take Chaga Mushroom for 28 Days?

This mini-documentary captures what happens when you take medicinal mushrooms like chaga for 1 month, and how that transforms your skin, awareness, focus, energy levels and even can enhance your eye color! I also take Skyler from Sky Life into the forests of Big Sur, California in search of nature's magic: wild mushrooms.

We hunt magic, bless trees & open glands

We sustainably harvest wild chaga mushrooms with our own bare paws in the most enchanted forests of Ontario, Canada.

Blessing each birch tree before harvesting the chaga is our religion, followed by our doctrine of foraging only a small piece of the mushroom, leaving plenty to protect the birch tree allowing for future growth & sustenance of the chaga.

When you drink this forest medicine you maple dip yourself in the awareness of your spiritual self, receive the nourishment of nature & awaken the force within.

Passion As Your Purpose

"What is it that you love the most? Perhaps its why you are really here. It's what you were uniquely designed to share. Follow that, pursue that, be that. Make it an adventure and play it out, note for note."

          - Shane Tyler Milson

Wild Chaga Mushroom Rootbeer Elixir

Following precise lunar cycles we extract the chaga mushrooms from our harvests with ancient medicinal roots, barks & berries that create a root beer flavored elixir alchemized to activate your pineal gland, sexify your skin & get you wilder, rooted in the now-ness. 

Daily Dosage: 1 tablespoon morning & night

Alchemy: Add 1 dose of the elixir into coffee, chai, matcha, smoothies, cocktails, sparkling mineral water or desserts.

How to Harvest Chaga Mushroom: Hunting for Nature's Most Immune Boosting Superfood

Learn  the BASICS you'll need to know when chaga mushroom hunting, answering questions like; what does chaga looks like? How to harvest Chaga Mushroom from living birch trees? How much of the mushroom should I pick? What health benefits is Chaga known for? 

  • Mushroom Hunting is in my Blood

    Summers of my teenage years were spent on my Italian Grandfather's farm in Ontario, Canada working the land. But dusk is where I really began.

    After a long day of laborious farm chores, my Grandpa would reward me with a foraging expedition, searching for the elusive wild morel mushrooms for the evening feast.

    My Grandpa inspired me not only to harvest wild mushrooms, but to think differently, question everything & gave me a profoundly deep love & passion for nature, adventure & exploration of the world.

  • "Let's Hustle Shrooms!"

    Turning 25, I felt an irresistible urge welling up within me to share with the world my passion of hunting wild mushrooms & the supernatural effects I experienced from taking medicinal mushrooms everyday.

    I got brewing in my laboratory (my small kitchen in Toronto, Canada) until I discovered a secret ancient formula for my favorite nostalgic drink "Root Beer" by infusing it with wild chaga mushrooms from my harvests.

    I called it "Black Magic".

    I knew I had gold on my hands ...but how to share it with the world?

    "Surrender", my inner voice told me, "and the answer will suddenly appear."

  • Apprentice a Jedi Master

    Who needs one guru, when you can have four? These Finnish guys started this "little" company named Four Sigmatic - you may have heard of them...

    Through the serendipity & good grace of the universe I was able to work alongside these mushroom masters, traveling with them from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California shroom hustling & learning everything I would need to know about the mushroom industry & creating a successful start-up. 

    I'm forever grateful to these "Funguys". They gave me a flicker and a flame to start the cauldron.

  • Head West to California

    I knew what I had to do. I packed all my earthly belongings from my life into the back of my car & drove west, with nothing but an idea, a dream ...and a whole lot of mushrooms.

    Through the wide-open prairies, enchanted forests, along the moordore pass of snow capped peaks & across the alien inhabited deserts, I drove until I could dip my toes into the Pacific ocean from the shores of Venice Beach.