Wild Chaga Harvesting Adventures | Mosquito's, Resilience & Mushroom Burning Stoves

Wild Chaga Harvesting Adventures | Mosquito's, Resilience & Mushroom Burning Stoves

It’s been 2 hours now.
My hands are shaking.
My face is swelling.
The sun is so beautiful.
I'm humbled by the way it peers through the trees to shine on me.
But today it is a ruthless bitch.
The sun is trying to kill me today.
Keep walking straight.
I have to keep moving.
It’s been two hours.
Have we invested too much time in this forest?
Will we find anything? 
It's been 2 hours.
120 minutes.
7200 seconds.
During each and every one of those seconds, 30 mosquitos are hovering inches from my skin that I've so foolishly left uncovered.
I have to keep my hands moving.
I look down and it looks like I'm washing my hands in air.
"SHANE! There are 5 on your neck!" 
It would be great if it was cold enough to wear gloves.
The choice is this: 
bug bites or heat stroke.
If I cover up too much, the heat will do more damage to this mushroom mission than the mosquito bites will.
I choose bug bites. 
There is one thing that was never a choice- 
We are finding Chaga today.

Mosquito Season in Ontario, Hunting for The Chaga Mushrooms That Will Transform Humanity

Something that mushroom hunting has taught us greatly, is how the mind tends to find the nearest available problem, and expand it.

Mushroom hunting requires absurd amounts of resilience, especially when you pair it up with mosquito meditations (our expression for controlling your mind when the bugs are feasting on your living flesh).


As you know well by now, we only use Chaga mushrooms that we hunt ourselves because we don't trust anyone else to do it.
We've found that too many people with the greedy  "sticking knives into trees to get the whole Chaga" mindset to make us feel comfortable with purchasing Chaga mushrooms from anyone that doesn't proudly exhibit their mushroom hunting practices for the world to see.
This level of integrity comes with an admission price.
Mosquito bites. 
We're Canadian ...we can handle it.

The Mobile Mushroom Burning Stove

So where are our survivalists at? 😉
When the bugs come out to bite don't let that interrupt your mushroom foraging... activate the MMS: Mobile Mushroom Smoker 🍄🔥🌪.
Something many don't know is that within Chaga mushroom's extraordinary mineral composition are two flammable super minerals; rubidium and cesium.
These elements within Chaga have been utilized by natives worldwide from North America to Siberia to extend coal and travel with fire.
By carving out the inside of polypore mushrooms (tree mushrooms) like Fomes fomentarius and Phellinus, and adding birch bark, twigs and pieces of other mushrooms like Chaga, you can walk through the woods engulfed in smoke that mosquito's hate, but your lungs love.
Chaga therapy for the lungs is very healing.  

This is an ancient technique once used by our ancestors to travel with fire, but be careful.. once lit, these mushrooms are difficult to put out 🙊.
We got super innovative and decided to cooked up some fine wild hunted peasant back mushrooms + wild ferns on the mobile smoker and they were everything right in the world.
PS. This new technology doubles as an Instagram profile sexifier. 
Shane Tyler Milson of Black Magic Alchemy using a Mobile Mushroom Burning Stove

The Harvest is Complete ..but Where Did All the Mushroom's Go to?

In the picture you'll see some of the mushrooms from our harvesting expeditions; Chaga (duh), Reishi, Red-belted polypore and Turkey Tails. (3 out of 4 of those are medicinal mushrooms). 

Mushrooms wild hunted by Black Magic

We didn't find any beaver dams (come on Beaver Dam Dan, we thought you'd be our good luck charm for attracting one) so we instead rinsed them off in Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada.     

Other mushrooms here went towards Dan's alters, online customers from around North America (Whitby, Ontario to Austin, Texas).

If you haven't yet purchased a Black Magic Chaga Rootbeer Elixir, and were just outrageously curious about how we roll, well thank you. We love you too.

Here's a thank you discount promo code for 7% off of your purchase of a chaga mushroom elixir or wild chaga mushroom powder/pieces. 

Type in the promo code: "MRM" to the shopping cart on the product purchase page, claim your discount and indulge in the magic of the forest.

Chaga Rootbeer Elixir

Each dose of the elixir provides a potent dose of antioxidant, trace minerals and enzymatic properties to help sexify skin, open the pineal gland and enhance your immune strength. 

You can also add it to cold brew coffee, smoothies, desserts and whatever else you're into.

We appreciate you all very deeply and send gratitude for supporting us on our mission to transform people with the most medicinal substance on planet earth; Chaga.

Stay Shroomie 🍄


  ~ Shane Tyler Milson & Michael Edward Walsh


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