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Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Rootbeer Elixir

Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Rootbeer Elixir

Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Rootbeer Elixir



artesian spring water, wild canadian chaga mushrooms, wild sarsaparilla root, wild cherry tree bark, organic licorice root, organic dandelion root, wild harvested juniper berries, organic burdock root, organic, blackstrap molasses, organic vanilla beans, wintergreen, ceylon cinnamon, organic spices, biodynamic organic cane sugar*, monk fruit, magic

* less then 1 gram per serving. The primary sweetness arises from the organic licorice root and monk fruit extract.


BOREAL FORESTS of CANADA are the source of our SUSTAINABLY WILD FORAGED chaga mushrooms. Remote & PRISTINE, the BOREALS are known to contain WEALTHY DEPOSITS of amethyst crystal, cloud quartz & LEVITATIONAL artesian spring water.


Alchemically brewed on lunar cycles in Ojai & Leaside  

INDULGENCE in BLACK MAGIC, supports responsible mushroom foraging. Proceeds from every purchase are donated to reforestation conservations & wildlife preserves.


This batch of elixirs brewed on the "New Moon in Pisces" using the "528 Hz LOVE frequency" with the intention of "gratitude for life". Transfused with "milky quartz crystal" to "relieve stress". Lunar energy during brew is "learning to trust".

  • Neptune

    Bringing us through a repeated cycle from the past. Ask yourself, have you mastered the lessons?

    On the surface this can appear as though we are not growing but if we look at the macro scale.. we’re evolving beyond what we ever thought was possible.

  • Gratitude

    No matter how "bad", difficult or challenging your current situation is, you always have something you can be grateful for.

    Speak to yourself out loud for 60 seconds like a "crazy" person, some of the people, experiences and things you are gracious for.