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Amazing Product! Reduced my Brain Fog!

The Chaga Rootbeer Elixir is an amazing find. I add a tablespoon of this every morning in my protein smoothie - I can personally attest that this reduces brain fog! What I mean by that is that your thoughts come quicker to you and you struggle less to find what to say or do next. Potent taste too! Also you can add it to sparkly water for a fancy drink! And not to mention, the customer service and the team behind this product is amazing, making this a wholesome buy. I'm hooked.

Vineeth M. from San Jose, California

The Chaga Rootbeer Elixir is Pure Magic in a Bottle.

The suggestions were to mix in a smoothie or tea, so I was expecting some bitterness. It actually tasted like a smooth, not too sweet, authentic rootbeer. Within minutes of my first use, I actually had my vision get brighter and my mood uplift. I can’t wait to see how I feel after a few weeks. I am a customer for life! 

Tara T. from Dothan, Alabama