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How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland | Toxin Purification + Super Nourishment

The pineal gland is one of the world's great mysteries. 

It is by far the least understood gland within our brain, yet it is something our ancient ancestors, as far back to early Egyptian times, have been fascinated with and explored deeply. 

You could even say its power and abilities are one of the most well kept secrets in human history. 

This pinecone shaped gland located at the center of the brain has been described as the “Seat of the Soul” by Renee Descartes. Your pineal gland is able to read information about the state of light-darkness from our environment and translate this data to our brains. 

If we were to say nothing more, those hints would give away the whole kitten- caboodle of magic regarding this gland, as throughout all of recorded human history, pinecones have been regarded as the symbol of human enlightenment, resurrection, eternal life and regeneration. 

...and consider the sheer significance that the pineal gland is our translation device for the "light" and "dark". 

This is nature's great balancing device. It is the lock and key to the body's internal clock, deep sleep, creating moods of happiness, healthy brainwave activity and hormone production. 


If you've ever felt "brain fog", your mind struggling to fully concentrate, meditate (sit still and release your thoughts) or that you have trouble putting your full attention and focus on something, it's very likely your pineal gland is calcified and that it isn't receiving its full supply of adequate nutrition.

The critical hormone "melatonin"  supports your sleep recovery, eye sight and can alleviate depression, and is also the precursor to serotonin, another key hormone that affects your entire body, from stabilizing happy moods and healthy brain activity. 


If you've ever felt what some call "brain fog", that sensation where you feel your mind struggling to fully concentrate, meditate (sit still and release your thoughts) or that you have trouble putting your full attention and focus on something, it's very likely your pineal gland is calcified and that it isn't receiving its full supply of adequate nutrition.

To activate mental clarity, alertness and that razor sharp state of consciousness and pure focus, the place you'll want to target in decalcifying your pineal gland. 

Here's what you'll need to know.

Brain - pineal gland - third eye

How Your Pineal Gland Becomes "Calcified"

The most common ways that people have their pineal gland calcified are; through taking pharmaceutical drugs, drinking and bathing in fluoridated water, over exposure to negative electromagnetic frequencies (technology), being is disconnection with the earth (not grounding or consuming organic foods) and hyper toxicity from an accumulation of chemicals throughout their body. 

Let's look a deeper into the main causes, why they calcify and disrupt your pineal gland from functioning optimally.

Pharmaceutical drugs

They flood your body with unnatural chemicals and toxins that the body doesn't know how to regulate. The magnitude of "side effects" are quite well stated on every one of their products, but they seem to have forgotten the damage done to the pineal gland. 

Pharmaceutical drugs cause the body to move out of homeostasis, acid/alkaline balance and to do unnatural processes, including a departure from natural hormonal functions which the pineal gland is one of the most critical sources. 

Educate yourself on the causes of the illness or deficiency, use natural remedies, take whole food supplementation, consume superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and seek out a naturopathic doctor or healer. 

Fluorinated water. 

If you bathe in it, drink it in your tap water or consume non-organically grown vegetables and fruits that have been soaked in it, this fluoride will devastate your pineal gland and calcify it. Consider that 97% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation, many children in the US exceed the "recommended" daily fluoride intake from their toothpaste alone and there are well over 60 studies demonstrating that fluoride reduces IQ, especially in children. 

Do not be fooled by the lobbying of the government by the phosphate fertilizer industry, the fluoride that is in circulation is NOT a "nutrient". It is far from its natural counterpart found in healthy soil and it will cause you brain fog, headaches, and disrupt your pineal glands hormone secretion. 

Harvest your own wild spring water (Find a Spring), buy a shower filter, use natural toothpaste and consume organically grown foods only.

Negative Electromagnetic Frequencies

Everyday we are in the direct path and under the effect of our cell phones, laptops, TV's, satellite signals, radio waves, and all the electronics that add a modern convenience and use to our lives. The issue with this is we are being bombarded by anywhere between 20 -40 negative sources of "dirty electricity" on a daily basis which is estimated to be 100 million times more radiation than our grandparents experienced. 

These signal interferences reduce our energy, harm our mitochondria, speed up the aging process, cause brain inflammation and ruin our sleep. Our pineal gland is particularly sensitive to these EMF's and it wreaks havoc on the hormone secretion and delicate balance it maintains for your body. 

Using an EMF protection device isn't optional if you want to have optimal wellness, mental clarity and a powerful pineal gland - it's required. Each day spend time grounding and connecting to nature to "release" the stored emf's in your body.

Brain - pineal gland - third eye

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

If you are ready to activate your pineal gland and see a major breakthrough in your state of natural intelligence, mental clarity and creativity, take note of the wellness tips above and the following common ways people decalcify their pineal gland:

  • Reconnecting daily to the magnetism of the earth through grounding by putting your bare-feet on the earth.
  • Sun-gazing at the first 15 minutes of sunrise or the last 30 minutes before sunset (be careful with this at first, start small).
  • Start listening to binaural beats and baroque classical music to synchronize the left and right hemisphere of your brain.
  • 15 minutes of daily meditating, chi-gong, tai chi.
  • Take a seasonal cleanse/detox for the major systems, organs or invaders (digestion, liver, kidney, parasites, candida, etc).
  • Use sensory deprivation tanks and black out your sleeping chambers (pure darkness activates the pineal gland).
  • Use holotropic breathing techniques which can "squeeze" the pineal gland into secrete awareness-promoting compounds and hormones.    

As you can see, there are many ways to support your pineal gland, and many of them will take time especially if you're in the stage of dealing with brain fog, memory issues or "can't concentrate", but there's one way that seems to work wonders every-time.

It's not a magic pill, but it's certainly a magic elixir and a "magic" mushroom that makes all the difference...

Wild Chaga Mushroom in Forest

Chaga Mushroom Decalcifies Your Pineal Gland (and opens your third eye)

Wild chaga mushroom grows for dozens of years in symbiosis with the birch tree absorbing sunlight which develops a surplus of the antioxidant "melanin" that gets stored in the dark outer layer of the mushroom.

Our bodies naturally produce melanin through special skin cells called melanocytes but for most people, they do not manufacture nearly enough to supply the skin, eyes, hair, AND pineal gland, as melanin is one of the most difficult antioxidants for the body to process.

Consider that over +42% of the population in the United States is deficient in Vitamin D, meaning there's a deficiency in our time outdoors getting what we need from the sun, which also impacts our melanin production.

You have to be in a very healthy state to process enough melanin to fully nourish yourself and have a surplus to provide enough to your pineal gland. 

Your pineal gland uses the melanin you absorb from sunlight as a pre-curser to melatonin, which is also manufactured in the pineal gland. 

By flooding your body with melanin in a bio-available form such as that from wild chaga, along with the plethora of other powerful trace minerals and enzymes the king of mushroom contains, you are giving your body a major advantage.

Simply put, chaga's rich array of nutrients support increased melanin production.

One of the major reasons why the Wild Chaga Mushroom Elixir was formulated is to directly support, decalcify, and activate the pineal gland, as it was recognized that this is one of the most under-nourished glands in the human body.

Our magical elixir features wild harvested and sun-dried chaga mushrooms from Canadian birch forests, and alchemically extracts them to draw as much of the Vitamin D, antioxidant melanin, and other healing compounds, as wizardly possible.

There isn't another product on the market that we've seen, who have deployed the same level of attention to care in the extraction process as us. 

We've preformed our dual extraction inside Miron violet glass (a special type of glass that uniquely filters UV light), in accordance with lunar cycles, for many moons using premium top shelf spirits and freshly harvested artesian spring water.

Black Magic Chaga Mushroom Elixir

The synergistic formulae of superherbs in the elixir such as sarsaparilla root, burdock, wild juniper berries and zeodary are designed to work on several organs in the body at once to help you absorb the liquid fast and reach the pineal gland as quickly as possible for nearly instant effects on your state of presence, awareness, and mental clarity. 

This synergy of elements allows the melanin to reach your pineal gland and be absorbed deeply, so the secretion of the hormones from the pineal can be released. 

The result is: high-level clarity, focus, presence, and euphoria.

Aka: the lightbulb pops on in your mind ... all while you enjoy the vanilla root beer taste that the herbs we use naturally create for your taste buds.

From the first dose to the last, you stub your ticket to full body presence, mental clarity and omni-directional alertness.

Take our 30 day chaga challenge and see what the magic can do for your life, mental clarity and aliveness. 

Many blessings friends,

~ Shane Tyler Milson

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