Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea
Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea

Sustainably Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Tea

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Taste the Forest in Every Cup

Black Magic Wild Chaga Tea is an ancient mushroom tonic revered for activating mental clarity, supporting the immune system & elevating energy levels.

Sustainably harvested with love in Canadian birch forests and sun dried slowly, our wild chaga mushroom contains the greatest storehouse of medicinal & mystical properties of any superfood in the world, due to the diverse soil diversity and forest purity.  

The years of collecting minerals from the forest & forming its unique antioxidant & fungi enzymes makes our mature Chaga superabundant in nutrients. Sun dried slowly to capture the ultra violet rays of light & Vitamin D2 and stored in birch boxes to retain the energetic signature of the home forest, keeps our chaga in a realm of its own.

Brew yourself a cup of nature's black gold to support your immunity, open your pineal gland & find your innate balance.

Chaga Mushroom Health Benefits

Over the journey of 4 years as the premier sustainably harvested wild chaga mushroom source, we've had thousands of happy customers experiencing some magical results! Here's what consistently drinking your daily cup of Black Magic Wild Chaga Tea will do for you: 

Immune Support 

Chaga is plump with 3 of the most immunologically supportive elements; 27 beta glucans, polysaccharides & triterpenes, making it scientifically and historically one of the best possible foods to consume for building your non-local immune system.

Chaga mushroom not only supports your immune system with enzymatic elements but also through its vast trace/macro mineral content: copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdeum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulfur, zinc.

Pineal Gland Activation

This little known pea-shaped gland in the brain is the seat of consciousness, intuition and mental focus. It's the production center that creates and regulates hormones from melatonin for healthy sleep patterns, metabolism, sexual development.

This pinecone shaped gland also translates nerve signals from the sympathetic nervous system into hormone signals. As mysterious as it is, in the spiritual sense of being also known as the "third eye", it is certainly a requirement to nurture and support for its wide array of positive effects on your life. 

Of all the known ways to open your "third eye" for tuned-in intuition or to nourish your "pineal gland", the number one most respected element to do so is the antioxidant pigment MELANIN.

It just so happens to be in the highest abundance of melanin found in nature is what you derive from sunlight and the source found in wild harvested chaga mushrooms. Open your level of awareness and support your hormone system with our full spectrum extracted chaga mushroom loaded with melanin.

Skin Beauty

Reveal glowing skin, radiant eye color and hair shine with potent array with an array of youthful vibrancy nutrients contained and unlocked in chaga mushroom.

Rich, diverse and absorbable magnesium, selenium, B-complex vitamins, polyphenols strengthen your skin's elasticity, hydration and subtleness for a glow that's instantly noticeable. The hormonal balance of chaga's powerful effect on the pineal gland and thyroid activate good feeling moods and awakened energy levels.

The pH balance of the skin and eyes is critical, the most connected organ to the skin's health is the liver, and chaga contains the 3 most alkaline forming minerals cesium, rubidium & potassium, alongside betulinic acid and superoxide dismutase that purify and detox the liver, while also nourishing it.

Chaga is like casting a spell of allure and magic over your entire life.


    Canadian wild harvested sun-dried chaga mushrooms 


    Add the full bag of Black Magic Wild Chaga Tea into a medium pot with 3 liters of spring water. Brew the pieces of chaga on medium heat for 1 hour minimum (longer is better for nutrient extraction).. The water will turn to a rich dark amber color. Pour yourself a cup of magic to savor & enjoy.

    • Top off the pot with spring water between brews.
    • Leave pot on stove top between batches with the lid on.
    • You can brew your Wild Chaga Tea 21 times or until the water turns transparent.


    Enjoy 1-2 cups of Wild Chaga Tea daily. We love a warm cup of chaga in the morning as an earthy coffee replacement or as your evening night cap for lucid dreaming.

    The taste is rich in earthy tones of vanilla, chai & birch, like drinking the forest in a cup. Use your Wild Chaga Brew as your liquid base for making coffee, chai & soups, or cool it down for your smoothies & desserts.


    Indulgence in Black Magic Wild Chaga Tea supports responsible mushroom foraging & education. Proceeds from every sale are donated to reforestation organizations & wildlife preserves. Thank you for helping us take care of the forest.

    • Harvesting mature chaga only (20+ years old), leaving plenty for the tree to be sustained & nourished.
    • Geotagged locations to stay present with growth patterns to keep this denizen of the forest proliferating.
    • Blessing the tree pre-harvest, speaking words of gratitude for the forest providing such a rare and divine treasure. Respect the magic.

    You can feel the forest love in every sip.

    The 30 Day Chaga Challenge

    Start your 30 day Chaga Challenge ⇨



    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

    “I'm going to be turning 40 in September, and I'm always aware of my energy, as you have to be aware of your energy as you get older. 

    One of the things I like to take is wild chaga tea daily to become superhuman & gain ridiculously epic energy levels. 

    This is something that I can feel the second that I take it.

    The reason I drink this is because it makes you very present to the moment. It’s something that aligns with what we do and what we teach. 

     Black Magic is the absolute cream of the crop."

    Owen Cook, World famous self development coach with 250,000+ YouTube subscribers


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    These wild chaga mushrooms are beyond organic, beyond bio-dynamic, they're wild crafted from mother nature.

    And that's what you're looking for, that microbial fight from the forest floor that the tree is pulling up for the chaga to get all these amazing nutrients.

    The welfare that Black Magic takes into account when harvesting chaga, the care and the love that they put behind it, I know that they’re taking care of the forest.

    They’re bringing awareness to the community about mushrooms.

    Jason Widener, Vice President of Erewhon™ (Iconic health market mecca in Los Angeles, California with 5 locations)

    Nature's Secret
    Superfood Magic

    Sustainably harvested in Canadian birch forests with love & respect.


    The remote birch forests of Canada are where we wild harvest our chaga mushrooms with love. Among these wealthy deposits of amethyst, biodiversity & pristine springs are the wildest chaga.

    Our Canadian mothership is Aurora, close to the woods for a mushroom foraging escape.

    Make Rootbeer Cosmic Again

    Nature Is Our Temple

    Indulgence in Black Magic supports responsible mushroom foraging & education. Proceeds from every sale are donated to reforestation organizations & wildlife preserves. Thank you for helping us take care of the forest.