Optimizing Digestion with Maitake Mushroom D Fraction

Optimizing Digestion with Maitake Mushroom D Fraction


All foods when consumed contain energy which is absorbed into your (you are what you eat mind-state), but going beyond this idea, how much of that energy (nutrition, minerals, enzymes) are being absorbed?

You could be eating the most potent, powerful foods superfoods, tonic herbs and mushrooms in the world but if you're only in-taking a small percentage of the available magic found in the food/substance, then you're not getting the best bang for your buck. 

So in all cases, let's rebuild/enhance your digestion with the "dancing" mushroom, the one most known for it's ability to enhance your digestive strength; Maitake Mushroom (grifola frondosa).

Tell me about Maitake Mushroom

This shroom is one of the 10 sacred medicinal mushrooms that also falls under the edible category.

It’s a culinary mushroom once hunted and consumed by the Japanese samurai.

The name Maitake is a Japanese word meaning “dancing mushroom” and is rumored to have originated from when Samurais would search deep in mountain forests for these precious mushrooms, and dance for joy once they finally found them.

In modern times it’s known by shroom hunters as “I found a hen!” (hen of the woods).

D fraction is the magic active element for blood sugar, digestion and weight loss

Maitake contains a specific polysaccharide known as “D fraction” which lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar levels and works as a anti-diabetic (fights diabetes).

Ultimately this mushroom is known as a “Weight loss” stimulate because of it’s ability to modulate your glucose levels, immune system and cause your body to “burn fat instead of storing fat”, making you want to dance just a little more each day.

The magic of these medicinal mushrooms is also their ability to nourish the liver with trace minerals.

Once your liver is functioning optimally and empowers your thyroid to balance blood sugar levels, hormonal releases and metabolism which all lead invariably back to your digestion.

Get your digestion straightened out and watch your life change!

Other suggestions for improving digestion

  • During summer go on a 1 week - 1 month green juice fasting cleanse.
  • Tulsi and Ginger Root tea
  • Enemas or "poop pills"
  • Spicy foods like Cayenne, Garlic and Peppers
  • Spirulina, Chlorella and/or Wheatgrass Juice



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