3.5 Chaga Mushroom Recipes You Can't Ever Go Back From...

3.5 Chaga Mushroom Recipes You Can't Ever Go Back From...


When formulating the recipe of the chaga rootbeer elixir many moons ago, one thing that was my absolute obsession was to move away people away from the model of pill-popping and to have them enter the era of alchemy, where everyone takes creation into their own hands. 

This was one of the biggest advances in my own journey of evolving my health and life, when I stopped taking so many nutritional supplements, and got deeply into eating/drinking my nutrition.

Your body absorbs liquid and food forms of nutritional medicine far easier then poppin pills and supplements because it's a form of nutrition that's the base-level of what our bodies are built for.

By mixing and combining ingredients together to create your own elixirs, tonics, culinary meals, smoothies, you add an element that is uniquely your own into the end result. You add the essence of yourself, your preferences and your own magic. 

The chaga rootbeer elixir is designed to be a stand alone product as something you can take daily, as a straight up shot of the forest for activating your pineal gland, sexifying your skin or leveling up your immune strength. 

But it was also designed to enhance your favourite daily rituals such as your morning coffee or smoothie, that afternoon chai, evening tonic, mixology based cocktails with friends coming over to play Cards Against Humanity or your nightly ice-cream bowl to keep you safe while watching Black Mirror before bed.  

Here's 3.5 alchemical high vibe ideas for you to add your chaga rootbeer elixir to or none-the-less, just good stuff to combine together for living that elevated life, almost like being in Venice Beach, California all winter long.

AND just heavy heads up, at the end of the newsletter we've got a tasty promo discount code waiting for you so you can get some forest magic into your life. 

That doesn't mean scroll to the end, it means be patient and exercise your saliva glands at these recipe ideas - plus stay aware, because we've got a special product you probably don't know about yet that we keep on the down-low, that's spoken of in one of the recipes.

Chaga Chai Latte | Black Magic

Chaga Chai Latte

Go with a base of full-fat from the BPA-free can organic Coconut Mylk as the base of the latte heated up in a pot on the stove. Get that hot, and then add a combination of chai-style spices such as nutmeg, fresh ginger, ceylon cinnamon (real cinnamon), pinches of clove and cardamom. 

I like BeeKeepers Naturals Raw Honey or maple syrup (sooo Canadian) as a sweetner for my chai. 

You can also get a pre-made Chai mix from Canadian brand ChaiWala who are friends of mine and really make a perfect mix. Say you favorite mushroom hunter sent you, and maybe they'll give you something special with your order. 😉

Conversely, you can also use chaga mushroom tea as a base for the chai and add some of the coconut mylk into it for a fat content.

We now are offering by popular demand our home-brew version of our wild-harvested with sustainability chaga mushrooms in tea-cut form pieces. 

This is something you would dedicate one of the burners on your stove-top to, and brew daily to make a earthy and woodsy chaga mushroom tea. You can use it as a base not only for a chai latte but also for coffee, tonics and cool it down to be used in smoothies. 

There's a highly limited supply of the amount of wild chaga mushrooms we offer each harvest - get some for yourself here now: Wild Chaga Mushroom | Pieces or Powder (30-day supply supply)

Brewing instructions are on the shop page and on the package. 

Chaga Mushroom Chai Latte | Black Magic

It's Your Daily Magic Potion.

Add a 1- 2 tablespoon dose of the black magic chaga rootbeer elixir to your chai right as you're approaching the heat you like in the pot with all of your chai ingredients. 

Be ready; this will be something you can get addicted to.

PS. Sending some street cred to Bayley's Brew Bar in Toronto, Ontario (King/Bathurst) for the chaga chai photos and alchemy above.

Go visit them if you're in TO (the 6ix - if Drake is reading this). They have the Black Magic on lock, ready to serve your digestive system / open your pineal gland / make you feel cosmic.  

Now ...how tight is your breakfast game? 

Chaga Mushroom Persimmons Breakfast Bowl | Black Magic

Chaga, Persimmons & Pumpkin Granola Bowl 

My owls 🦉 over at Owl You Are created this alchemy with cashew yogurt, persimmons, pumpkin granola, a hearty deep dark dose of the elixir 🍄 to sweeten it up and crack open the pineal gland 👁.

This is 💣 AF in my opinion and theirs - 💛

If you do eat granola, cereal (like, how 2008) or pancakes (that's just G), then add the elixir to your breakfast. Tighten it up. 

Chaga mushroom in the morning is only a good thing for your skin vibrancy since it's the highest natural source of melanin of any known food which is the antioxidant pigment that gives our eyes, skin and hair color. 

Don't you want to walk around in the world all day, looking sexy? Do you?!

The other elements in the elixir like our wild juniper berries and sarsaparilla root get your blood flowing and sending energy to all the different areas of your body. 

All them.

Remember, 1-2 doses of the elixir per day.

Don't go chugging the bottle on yourself and make us have to go back to the pristine Canadian forests to hunt more chaga mushrooms for you. 

...like we'd totally be bummed about that ....😉

I Am Stellar Smoothie with Chaga, Reishi, Shilajit and Blue Spirulina at Cafe Gratitude | Black Magic Alchemy

Chaga & Blue-Green Algae Herb Shake

Oh you know it. 

This ain't virtual reality ..yet.

It's real life. 

The smoothie game worldwide has needed to get tighter for some time, and this is the answer. 

If you've been to California then you'll surely have been to Cafe Gratitude, one of the restaurants that offers Black Magic infused alchemical potions and elixirs on their menu. 

This smoothie is named the "Stellar" hinting at its intergalactic culmination of ancient and sacred ingredients such as he shou wu, shilajit, blue spirulina and of course wild harvested chaga mushrooms from your favourite mushroom company...

You would literally order this concoction by saying the affirmation "I Am Stellar".

Try saying it just for shits and giggles - words make realities. 

Stellar Smoothie with Chaga, Reishi and Blue Spirulina at Cafe Gratitude | Black Magic Alchemy

Become Your Own Legit Alchemist

In a blender combine a handful of coconut meat, 1 cup of coconut mylk, 2 scoops of nut butter like cashew or almond, dates, vanilla, a pinch of Himalayan salt as a base, and then you're ready for the superfood and tonic herb action. 

The tonic herbs you can add to mimic this best-seller superfood smoothie are blue spirulina, he shou wu, shilajit, pine pollen, tribulus, maca root and a 2 tablespoon dose of the black magic chaga rootbeer elixir.

All of these tonic herbs and superfoods will go towards increasing bodily intelligence, levitating your conscious awareness and having you feeling the supernatural essences and wonder all around you.

No, really. You think I'm fucking around, but I mean it. This just ain't about magnesium, sulfer, copper and enzymatic content bro. It's about something much more then that.

Anyone that limits or quantifies the quality of a food in that way is lopsided. 

Science is limited and only understands rudimentary concepts of how food, nutrients and minerals are absorbed into the body and how they preform. 

Long before science our ancient civilizations knew that these foods heal and change you, WITHOUT having technology to verify. 

Consider that; how did we know these were "superior" foods before so called "science"?

The real depth that will be uncovered in time which is really ancient wisdom, is that it all comes down to energy. Foods each contain their own innate intelligence, some being the "wisest" as in the case of wild mushrooms, hence one of the reasons we're so obsessed. 

All that being said, don't be hesitant to add more than chai and flax seeds to your smoothies (what is this - 2006?)

Michael Edward Walsh Chaga Mushroom Harvesting | Black Magic Alchemy

As always we appreciate you deeply for supporting the magic of wild harvested mushrooms and spreading alchemical mindsets, ideas and foods to the people 

If you'd like get some wild chaga mushrooms in your life we have good news. 

You can do it. 

Save 15% on your purchase of the El Gigante 32 oz Chaga Rootbeer Elixir by using the discount promo code "highvibe". 

Just use the discount code when promoted on the shopping cart screen.

We're loading up the carrier pigeons now. 

And just in case you're wondering what the .5 portion of the 3 high vibe ways to use the chaga rootbeer elixir, the last half point goes to all your troopers out there who rock the chaga rootbeer elixir straight up like an OG.

We're talking literally opening the cap, and sipping back a shot straight, as if that isn't the best part of your day, opening your pineal gland and feeling the force around you in all things. 

Cheers to you people, you make our world go round.

Graciously Yours,

Shane Tyler Milson








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