"What is the Chaga Mushroom Elixir?"

Let's begin by defining what an elixir is and then we'll talk mushrooms...

An elixir as defined by it's classical definition is a "magical or medicinal potion", or a "preparation able to change metals into gold, sought by alchemists" or best yet; "a liquid able to prolong life indefinitely".

The perception we have at Black Magic, is that an elixir is a sweet as pie herbal liquid concentrate, not quite as thick as a syrup but not some watery free-flow.

It's something that you really, really love taking as a medicine daily or adding into your lifestyle where you see fit (ie. on waffles, ice cream, in your coffee, tea, smoothies).  

So across the world, for over five thousand years, Alchemist’s have sought to create this legendary elixir of immortality, combing the best of the best tonic herbs, superfoods, mushrooms, minerals, plant essences and substances.

Did anyone ever master it? Maybe, but it's never been made public knowledge.

Until now.

Pop the bubbly.

We feel we’ve done it.

Starting from the roots up, we wanted to create something the health market's never seen before; a ready to drink or freestyle with, lifestyle orientated, highly concentrated herbal liquid that actually tastes bomb.

We wanted to create the biggest bang for your buck so we made it hyper concentrated containing a multitude of doses per bottle, strong enough that no one man or woman could possibly take it all in one sitting ...or could they? ;)

"What is this mushroom you're telling me to drink?"

The focus of this elixir is Chaga Mushroom; the King of Mushrooms, a rare exotic "fungi" that happens to share over 40% of the same DNA with us human beings. That’s right, your DNA is made of nearly half of what constitutes a mushroom.. 

Basically, it's a rare, rock-hard black mushroom with gold insides that grows off living birch trees concentrating it's medicinal elements (ie. betulin, betulinic acid - both extreme cancer fighting enzymes).

What you'll be surprised to know is that Chaga mushroom contains the highest natural source of the very nutrients/minerals/enzymes you're likely most deficient in such as: Zinc, Magnesium, Cesium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Chromium & Selenium.

It's also the highest potent of antioxidants (even bets Raw Cacao), beta glucans and melanin which purifies the skin, eyes and hair. 

When your body receives all these nutrients, you will thrive and feel energized. 

"Wait, this thing tastes like Root Beer?"

A traditional North America classic elixir, root beer was once a folklore herbal tonic crafted by Native Americans to brighten your complexion, purify the blood and activate rosy soft cheeks.

Root beer was formally known as "root tea" by our Natives and contained real ingredients like Sarsaprilla root, Sassafras, Juniper berries, Birch bark & Wintergreen leaf, not like the fake shizza being served up even in health food stores. 

That's why we had to call it "Ancestral" Root Beer flavor, so none of you people would get it mixed.

Here's just a few health benefits associated to the ingredients in this elixir. 

Sarsaparilla Root - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and toxin binding properties.

Wild Cherry Tree Bark - Supports the respiratory system, tonify's the lungs, fights colds.

Juniper Berries - Improves blood circulation, heals injuries and wounds, blocks witches & removes demons ..just kidding ..not really. 

Licorice Root - Most utilized herb in Chinese herbalism for it's soothing effects when combined with other herbal formulations, increases digestive power & heals heartburn.

Birch Bark & Dandelion Root - Liver tonic herbs, encourages weight loss and reduces urinary tract infections.

Completely naturally flavored, this nostalgic tasting elixir will enliven your spirit with it’s immune building roots, barks, berries, flowers and shrooms (not that kind).

"What will it do for me?"

I always hate this question because the answer makes me sound like a snake oil salesman ...there are just so many countless health benefits to the herbs, superfoods and mushrooms involved here.

To narrow it down to just one main element that taking this elixir will provide, would be that it is GROUNDING.

It brings your body back into a state of alignment and balance through it's diverse assortment of nutrients, enzymes and minerals, perhaps helping you to feel sometimes energized and other times alert, aware and feeling certain about where you stand.

Most people have reported back to us that after a few weeks of consuming the elixir daily, that they feel clear, have no more brain fog and their digestion improved (likely through the liver cleansing and blood restoring tonic herbs involved).    

"Okay, I'm in, I like, no... I LOVE IT... but how do I consume it?"

So simple. Really. So. Freaking Simple.

Either you can take a spoonful directly in the morning or you can infuse it into your meals/desserts/liquids.

It goes great in coffee, tea, and on top of smoothies, ice cream and waffles.


Now go buy the product already. Your body deserves some Black Magic.  

Chaga Mushroom Elixir