I get it.

You're here because you're like me.

A Mycophiliac (Obsessed with mushrooms).

People think we're weird, but it's okay. Doesn't bother us, so long as we get to hunt mushrooms on the weekends, do acro-yoga during the week and sip shroomie elixirs all day long.

As a self-diagnosed shroom hustler, I love a good challenge as I've been in and around the mushroom world for some years, and handcrafting a wild harvested Chaga mushroom elixir with trace-ability from forest to cup, that tasted so gangster that you couldn't get enough of it, felt like a worthy ideal. 

Things got rambunctious in the alchemy lab and I started playing with how to create a ancient root beer just like how I once remembered it. I fooled around for months with recipe variations until I finally struck gold.

An ancestral root beer elixir syrup infused with the Chaga mushroom I hunt with friends, that contains a therapeutic dose of Chaga, that can be added to anything you love.

The dream baby, the dream.

Turn everyone into an alchemist.

I've had hoards of people at markets, on the streets and in stores telling me their unique alchemical creations that they've created with the Chaga Root Beer Elixir.

The favourite ideas range from a chai root beer elixir to a mason jar coconut ice cream root beer float. But don't forget about the ginger kombucha, cold brew coffee caramel tonic and maple syrup for pancakes infusions with the Chaga Root Beer Elixir.

More ideas than time. 

A couple things I want to mention to you are how the Chaga mushrooms are harvested as doing things sustainably is an obsession of mine, from licking every scrap of food off my plate to leave no waste, to harvesting mushrooms from trees in which it not only doesn't harm the eco-system or forest, but leaves it in a better shape then how I found it. 


Check out the video of How to Harvest Chaga Mushroom:

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Shane Tyler Milson Chaga Mushroom Hunting How to Harvest Chaga Mushroom
Marina Pratt (Babe Del Ray) Harvesting Chaga Mushrooms
The Black Magic Mushroom Hunters with their Chaga Find 
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