The Queen's Gambit | Red Reishi Mushroom Soap
The Queen's Gambit | Red Reishi Mushroom Soap

The Queen's Gambit | Red Reishi Mushroom Soap

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Checkmate. You’ve won sexifed skin 

Enter the realm of Reishi Mushroom, Queen of the forest, where her cleansing royalty reigns supreme. Paired with 300-year old Grandmaster Japanese Hiba Wood and Rose Water, she claims victory over the multidimensional moisture game.

Use this luxurious counterattack to tame skin ailments like eczema or acne, add a layer of suppleness, relax your nervous system, and win a daily glow. 

May you find your best play with the Queen’s Gambit.  


Saponified Oils of Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado, Castor & Jojoba. Coconut Milk, Wild Harvested Red Reishi Mushroom (Adirondack Mountains), Japanese Hiba Wood, Rose Water, Madder Root Powder, Turmeric Powder. Rose & Orange Clays, HoWood & Orange Essential Oils. Topped with Rose, Calendula, Chamomile & Cornflowers. Magic

* 100% organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients.

Artisan handmade, cold process cured for 6 weeks, infused with skin nourishing wild Red Reishi Mushroom and stress clearing Japanese Hiba Wood, this ain't your average game of chance. 

Wild Harvested Red Reishi Mushroom or, “The Royal Piece” 

Reishi is the queen of mushrooms, and likeso the best play is to harvest sustainably in her natural queendom of the forest, not from rice paddies and stagnant logs. 

Within the eterical woodlands of Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, our Red Reishi draws up the monoatomic ormus minerals of sulfur, silicon, carbon and hydrogen from the forest soil and concentrates that liberating energy in spherical shaped spores that can be accessed for cosmic activation or a trip to distant solar stars

Red Reishi mushroom covers the gambit of spiritual and bodily activations with its exhibition of skin nutrients and antioxidant chains that magnetize water from the environment “polyporically” and into your skin, keeping you well hydrated and at glow. 

Trinitys of polysaccharides, beta glucans and ganoderic acid synergistically soften skin, reduce inflammation and defend against premature aging. 


Japanese Hiba or, “Chop Wood, Carry Water. Repeat.”

You don’t get to become a grandmaster unless you’ve reached the age of wisdom of knowing. 

The sacred Hiba arborvitae tree also known as the “tree of life” is a member of the cypress family, native to Japan. With incredible resilience against the elements, rot and moulds, this magical tree can reach a ripe 300 years old. Many seasons strengthen Hiba trees to be a perfect choice of wood to design shrines.

“Hinokitiol”, an ultra rare compound found only in Aomori hiba trees, is utilized to cleanse and purify religious rituals, much the same as palo santo, sage and copal.

The revered essential oil of Hiba wood used in The Queen’s Gambit contains a host of antimicrobial compounds that can even purify antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The skin benefits of using Hiba wood oil are the cleansing of smells, eczema and calming of the mind and spirit, especially during depressive moments. 

The aromatic scent of Hiba is one of our favorites, a synthesis between cedarwood, red citrus and chai.

This little known pea-shaped gland in the brain is the seat of consciousness, intuition and mental focus. It's the production center that creates and regulates hormones from melatonin for healthy sleep patterns, metabolism, sexual development.

This pinecone shaped gland also translates nerve signals from the sympathetic nervous system into hormone signals. As mysterious as it is, in the spiritual sense of being also known as the "third eye", it is certainly a requirement to nurture and support for its wide array of positive effects on your life.  

Of all the known ways to open your "third eye" for tuned-in intuition or to nourish your "pineal gland", the number one most respected element to do so is the antioxidant pigment MELANIN.

It just so happens to be in the highest abundance of melanin found in nature is what you derive from sunlight and the source found in wild harvested chaga mushrooms. Open your level of awareness and support your hormone system with our full spectrum extracted chaga mushroom loaded with melanin.

Chaga is plump with 3 of the most immunologically supportive elements; 27 beta glucans, polysaccharides & triterpenes, making it scientifically and historically one of the best possible foods to consume for building your non-local immune system.

Chaga mushroom not only supports your immune system with enzymatic elements but also through its vast trace/macro mineral content: copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdeum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulfur, zinc.

In the process of alchemy, we've combined several other herbs that add layers of dynamic vibrancy and benefit on top of our wild chaga. In synergy, this elixir unlocks health vibrancy and natural energy in a way most people have never felt before.   

Reveal glowing skin, radiant eye color and hair shine with potent array with an array of youthful vibrancy nutrients contained and unlocked in chaga mushroom.

Rich, diverse and absorbable magnesium, selenium, B-complex vitamins, polyphenols strengthen your skin's elasticity, hydration and subtleness for a glow that's instantly noticeable. The hormonal balance of chaga's powerful effect on the pineal gland and thyroid activate good feeling moods and awakened energy levels.

The pH balance of the skin and eyes is critical, the most connected organ to the skin's health is the liver, and chaga contains the 3 most alkaline forming minerals cesium, rubidium & potassium, alongside betulinic acid and superoxide dismutaste that purify and detox the liver, while also nourishing it.

Chaga is like casting a spell of allure and magic over your entire life.