50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap
50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap
50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap
50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap
50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap
50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap
50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap

50 Shades of Chaga | Superfood Soap

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The Fungus Will See You Now

Surrender into an activating soap blend of wild harvested chaga mushroom, black spruce & coconut oil to sexify skin & stimulate your senses.

By combining the skin detoxification of activated charcoal, chaga mushroom pieces for exfoliation, coconut, cocoa & shea butter for skin softness, ending off with the forest rich smells of black spruce, cedarwood and benzoin, we really feel we unlocked the philosophers stone of soap bars!

Teleport yourself to a lush bed of moss among the white birches with every activation. Laters, baby.


Saponified Oils of Coconut, EVOO, Shea Butter, Avocado, Castor & Jojoba. Coconut Milk. Black Magic Wild Canadian Chaga Mushrooms. Activated Charcoal. Cocoa Butter. Black Spruce & Cedarwood Essential Oils. Black Pepper. Topped with Devils Claw, Nut Shells, Black Walnut Hulls, Wild Pepper & Magic


Skin Sexification: antioxidant melanin

Aura Protection: triterpene betulin

Muscle Soothing: pure plant bornyl acetate

Our wild harvested Canadian chaga contains the world's richest dose of the antioxidant "MELANIN", a nutrient that unlocks vibrant layers of colour found within your skin, keeping it vibrant, hydrated and supple.

It can also help to protect both the skin and hair from sun damage, aging spots, eczema and psoriasis. 

Pure plant origin "betulin" is the substance found in the white birch bark that chaga grows in symbiosis with and absorbs into itself. This bio-active pure plant origin BETULIN protects your skin from harmful environmental effects.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I really couldn't believe that I actually did feel more clear-minded and focused. My productivity did seem to improve.

I felt more uplifted and energized than I normally do.

The craziest thing that happened was that the wild chaga elixir actually made my eyes bluer!

I even had friends commenting that they'd never seen my eyes this blue before. My skin was the clearest and brightest it has been in years, and my hair even got shinier! 

I am still shocked that it actually worked. 

Sky Cowans from SkyLife (Investigative health + wellness researcher with 76,000+ Subscribers on YouTube)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These wild chaga mushrooms are beyond organic, beyond bio-dynamic, they're wild crafted from mother nature.

And that's what you're looking for, that microbial fight from the forest floor that the tree is pulling up for the chaga to get all these amazing nutrients.

The welfare that Black Magic takes into account when harvesting chaga, the care and the love that they put behind it, I know that they’re taking care of the forest.

They’re bringing awareness to the community about mushrooms.

Jason Widener, Vice President of Erewhon™ (Iconic health market mecca in Los Angeles, California with 5 locations)

Wild. Forest. Magic

Our wild chaga mushrooms are sustainably harvested in Canadian birch forests.


The remote birch forests of Canada are where we wild harvest our chaga mushrooms with love. Among these wealthy deposits of amethyst, biodiversity & pristine springs are the wildest chaga.

We brew in the VALLEY of the MOON, among the biodynamic orange grooves of OJAI, CALIFORNIA, a gem’s throw from the Goat. Our Canadian mothership is Aurora, close to the woods for a mushroom foraging escape.

Take Our 30-Day Chaga Challenge to Transform

Black Magic Wild Chaga Elixir | Harvested in Canada Sustainably + Dual Extracted

Nature Is Our Temple

Indulgence in Black Magic supports responsible mushroom foraging & education. Proceeds from every sale are donated to reforestation organizations & wildlife preserves. Thank you for helping us take care of the forest.