Copper Tongue Scraper

Copper Tongue Scraper

Ayurvedic tool for removing accumulated toxins, improving dental hygiene, enhancing sense of taste and stimulating your organs.
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In Ayurvedic medicine, a copper tongue scraper - a rounded copper device - is used to help rid your physiology of toxins, enhance your sense of taste and activate your internal organs via the tongue's kaleidoscope of reflexology connections to the rest of the body.

Neglecting to clean the tongue properly leads to bad breath, yellow teeth, cavities and poor oral hygiene. Studies reveal that "tongue scrapers" are 79% more effective than teeth brushing alone in eliminating bacteria accumulation on the tongue.

At Black Magic, daily utilization of a copper tongue scraper is employed as a special wellness tool. Copper creates an electric environment in the mouth and stimulates red blood cell production and neural activity.

How to Use Your Copper Tongue Scraper:

1. Use your copper tongue scraper first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before your first glass of water.

2. Grasp the ends firmly and scrape your tongue gently but with enough pressure to pull the guck. Go from the back to the front, with focus on the center and both sides, about 9 times.

3. After your 9 pulls, rinse the guck from the copper tongue scraper off under hot water and repeat 3 more times. Dry with a towel after completing and put away until the next use.

While you sleep your body works hard to remove excess buildups of debris, bacteria, and dead cells, some of which are brought into your mouth for removal.

These toxins accumulate due to a weak metabolism or digestive issues and show up on the surface of the tongue.

If not cleared out, they are absorbed back in the system and can lead to diseases and a weakened immunity. If this "guck" is swallowed each morning you have negated the hard work your body carried out.

Use a copper tongue scrapper daily to:

  • Prevent bad breath
  • Purify dental hygiene
  • Improve your sense of taste
  • Clear out toxic bacteria and dead cells
  • Gently stimulate your organs
  • Support your digestive processes

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Testimonials From A Few Magical People



These wild chaga mushrooms are beyond organic, beyond bio-dynamic, they're wild crafted from mother nature. And that's what you're looking for, that microbial fight from the forest floor that the tree is pulling up for the chaga to get all these amazing nutrients.

The welfare that Black Magic takes into account when harvesting chaga, the care and the love that they put behind it, I know that they’re taking care of the forest. They’re bringing awareness to the community about mushrooms.

Jason Widener
Vice President of Erewhon™ (Iconic health market mecca in Los Angeles, California with 7 locations)


I really couldn't believe that I actually did feel more clear-minded and focused. My productivity did seem to improve. I felt more uplifted and energized than I normally do. The craziest thing that happened was that the Black Magic Wild Chaga Elixir actually made my eyes bluer!

I even had friends commenting that they'd never seen my eyes this blue before. My skin was the clearest and brightest it has been in years, and my hair even got shinier! I am still shocked that it actually worked.

Sky Cowans
Wellness, spirituality, and alternative lifestyle vlogger with 230k subscribers on YouTube


I'm going to be turning 40 in September, and I'm always aware of my energy, as you have to be aware of your energy as you get older. One of the things I like to take daily is Black Magic's Wild Chaga Mushroom Tea to become superhuman & gain ridiculously epic energy levels. 

This is something that I can feel the second that I take it. The reason I drink this is because it makes you very present to the moment. It’s something that aligns with what we do and what we teach.

Owen Cook
World famous self development coach with 250k subscribers on YouTube

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