Fifty Shades of Chaga Soap | Merino Silk Travel Wrap
Fifty Shades of Chaga Soap | Merino Silk Travel Wrap

Fifty Shades of Chaga Soap | Merino Silk Travel Wrap

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Surrender into an activating soap blend of wild harvested chaga mushroom, black spruce & coconut oil to sexify skin, clear your mind, purify your lungs and stimulate your senses.

By combining the skin detoxification of activated charcoal, chaga mushroom pieces for exfoliation, coconut, cocoa & shea butter for skin softness, ending off with the forest rich smells of black spruce, cedarwood and benzoin, we really feel we unlocked the philosophers stone of soap bars!

Teleport yourself to a lush bed of moss among the white birches with every activation. Laters, baby. 


Saponified Oils of Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado, Castor & Jojoba. Coconut Milk, Black Magic Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom, Cocoa Powder, Activated Charcoal, Black Spruce & Cedarwood Essential Oils, Black Pepper.

*Topped with Devil's Claw, Black Walnut Hulls, Wild Pepper & Magic.

** 100% organic or wild harvested ingredients.

Merino Silk Wrapped

The end of washcloths and synthetic loofahs has arrived, as we enter the new new age of sustainable fiber with magically natural exfoliating properties. These intergalactic mushroom soap bars aren't only stellar looking - they come with added benefits. 

"It's like we added a longevity jet pack to the bar."

Wrapped in sustainably & ethically harvested merino silk wool; these soap bars work as a natural exfoliate on your skin & prolong the mushroom bar's life to easily lasting 3 months longer in the shower, getting you the most magic out of each bar of soap.

"No more dropping the bar of soap"

The merino silk wraps are designed for traveling, camping, backpacking as well as for anyone who struggles holding a slippery bar of soap with the antibacterial, breathable & odor resistant properties of the wool. 

Another lovely benefit of the wool is the ability to produce a thick creamy lather. The merino silk shrinks around the bar as you use it and you'll only be left with a very small flat felted pad when done.

May your bathing be bountiful. 


Our wild harvested Canadian chaga contains the world's richest dose of the antioxidant "MELANIN", a nutrient that unlocks vibrant layers of colour found within your skin, keeping it vibrant, hydrated and supple. It can also help to protect both the skin and hair from sun damage, aging spots, eczema and psoriasis.

Pure plant origin "betulin" is the substance found in the white birch bark that chaga grows in symbiosis with and absorbs into itself. This bio-active pure plant origin BETULIN protects your skin from harmful environmental effects.


When you shower with FIFTY SHADES OF CHAGA, it's like breathing in the forest as the Black Spruce and Cederwood Essential Oils release their positive benefits & wild scents. Rich in monoterpenes, our essential oil combination gives this superfood soap special antiseptic and respiratory therapeutic effects. If you in-taken molds, chemicals & dust this will clear you out.


This rare combination of chaga's rich melanin content and cedarwood essential oil are a dream team for improving cerebral activity, relaxing the body, enhancing your concentration, decreasing hyperactivity, reducing mental stress, easing tension and clearing the mind. When the soap touches you skin and you breath in the magic, everything changes.


Our wild chaga is harvested with love from living birch trees in Ontario, Canada, in it's perfect maturity stage of 20+ years old which allows it to absorb it's full potential of mineral, vitamin, antioxidant & enzyme content to be the MOST nourishing.

We geotag harvesting locations to stay present with growth patterns to keep this denizen of the forest proliferating. Blessing the tree pre-harvest, speaking words of gratitude for the forest providing such a rare and divine treasure is our religion.

May you never be the same. 

The 30 Day Chaga Challenge

Start your 30 day Chaga Challenge ⇨



★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

“I'm going to be turning 40 in September, and I'm always aware of my energy, as you have to be aware of your energy as you get older. 

One of the things I like to take is wild chaga tea daily to become superhuman & gain ridiculously epic energy levels. 

This is something that I can feel the second that I take it.

The reason I drink this is because it makes you very present to the moment. It’s something that aligns with what we do and what we teach. 

 Black Magic is the absolute cream of the crop."

Owen Cook, World famous self development coach with 250,000+ YouTube subscribers


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These wild chaga mushrooms are beyond organic, beyond bio-dynamic, they're wild crafted from mother nature.

And that's what you're looking for, that microbial fight from the forest floor that the tree is pulling up for the chaga to get all these amazing nutrients.

The welfare that Black Magic takes into account when harvesting chaga, the care and the love that they put behind it, I know that they’re taking care of the forest.

They’re bringing awareness to the community about mushrooms.

Jason Widener, Vice President of Erewhon™ (Iconic health market mecca in Los Angeles, California with 5 locations)

Our Elixir Is Made From
Wild Chaga Mushrooms

Sustainably harvested in Canadian birch forests with love & respect.


The remote birch forests of Canada are where we wild harvest our chaga mushrooms with love. Among these wealthy deposits of amethyst, biodiversity & pristine springs are the wildest chaga.

We brew in the VALLEY of the MOON, among the biodynamic orange grooves of OJAI, CALIFORNIA, a gem’s throw from the Goat. Our Canadian mothership is Aurora, close to the woods for a mushroom foraging escape.

How to Make The Black Magic

Nature Is Our Temple

Indulgence in Black Magic supports responsible mushroom foraging & education. Proceeds from every sale are donated to reforestation organizations & wildlife preserves. Thank you for helping us take care of the forest.

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